The World is Your Office

Our phone and voice mail systems let you conduct business or provide customer service anywhere in the world.

We Sell, Install & Service Premises-based and Hosted Phone, Email, and Messaging Systems

At PSR we have the experience, training and knowledge to select and install the correct Voice and Messaging options for your Business. We know how to ask the Right Questions, and to Listen to your Answers to Properly Access your Individual Requirements, And it Doesn't Stop There. We will Professionally Maintain On-site that System with 24/7/365 Service. One Call Does it All.

Why Purchase a Hosted System?

Businesses with multiple locations or off-site workers should consider a “Hosted Solution”. Take your office with you anywhere there’s an Internet connection—all calls route through your Office Phone System. With lower start up, maintenance, and repair costs a Hosted System adds to your office efficiency, saving you TIME and MONEY.

HOSTED SYSTEM FEATURESSave money on equipment purchase, set up,
programming and maintenance costs

Multi-site configurations with single number reach


No hassle adds/moves/changes

Highly scalable

VOIP-Capable Premises-based Systems

Whether you’re a start up or an established business, PSR has the right premises-based System for you, from systems with VOIP, to Voicemail with Unified Messaging and E-Mail notifications with audio messages that play on your smart phone. Systems start with 2 lines and 4 handsets and can grow to accommodate all your telephony needs.


Speakerphones with Hands-free Intercom & Headsets

Speed Dial, Paging. Hot Line Keys

Unified Messaging & Voice Mail

Call Accounting & Recording

Smartphone Apps.

Best Services

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