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With 30 years of expertise installing and maintaining computer networks, from mom and pop to enterprise, we know the best products and configurations for your business. Let PSR craft the best solution for your business, whether it's premises, or global. We stand by our products and our work and we promise to be there whenever you need us.

Why Use a Cloud-based System?

With Cloud, nformation technology, from infrastructure to applications, is delivered and consumed as a service over the network, lightening the burden on your underlying infrastructure and providing it on-demand and at scale in a multi-tenant environment.

CLOUD-BASED SYSTEM FEATURESServices operate consistently, regardless of the underlying systems

Capacity and performance scale to meet demand

Use-based Invoicing

Share services across multiple organizations

Applications, services, and data can be accessed through a wide range of connected devices

Premises-based Computer Systems

Whether you need a complete system, networking, or wiring, PSR provides the best solution, whether you’re looking for Data, Managed Networks, Point-to-point, direct fiber, 1 Gig Broadband,.VPN, SiP Trunking or VOIP

COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND SERVICESComputers, Servers, Printers, Switches, Routers

Cisco, HP, Dell, Toshiba, and IBM Systems

Software, Programs, Security

Complete wiring services for networks

Racks, Cabinets, Computer Rooms & Data Centers

Best Services

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